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Money-Saving Tips: Provisioning For Sailing Around The World.

Money-Saving Tips: Provisioning For Sailing Around The World.
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This is an idea of the kind of provisioning you can expect to find in most corner stores in Grenada
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Here are some tips on how to save money when provisioning for sailing around the world. It is a common misconception that you need to stock your boat for your whole journey when you leave the US.

It is definitely not necessary to stock up on the ‘dehydrated food’ and ‘survival packs’ mentioned in some sailing forums. You also won’t need to live on canned chicken, beans, or dehydrated mashed potatoes. EEW! We have sailed half-way around the world and I can happily tell you I have never bought a can of chicken in my life, nor do I intend to. Actually, if you are sailing in The Caribbean you eat enough fresh chicken to last you a lifetime.

Some luxury items can indeed be hard to find. But, staples like pasta, rice, flour, bread, milk, cheese, beans, canned vegetables, and a choice of local proteins, etc. you can find everywhere. I find things like nuts, seeds, berries, and dried fruit are expensive and can be hard to find.

Surprisingly people eat all over the world!

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What Kind of Provisioning Can I Expect to Find When I’m Sailing?

Shopping and provisioning are relatively easy in most places you travel to. Most big towns have several well-stocked supermarkets. Smaller towns sometimes have a supermarket, if not there are a selection of mom and pop type corner stores where you can find most items you need. Pretty much almost everything is available.

The only difference I really noticed at first is there was only one choice of brand. For Example, You can get one make of canned peas, and possibly a store no-name brand but that maybe it as far as the canned peas selection goes.

You will also find a public market selling local fruits and vegetables in most towns. Normally the quality and freshness of the market produce are way better than the fruit and veggies you find in the supermarkets. A money-saving tip for provisioning is to buy your fresh produce at the local market rather than the supermarket as it is normally much cheaper.

The cost of provisioning varies from island to island and country to country. One way to save money when provisioning is to look ahead to see where you will be sailing to. Stock up where provisioning is cheaper and shop less in the more expensive destinations. As an example, we knew that the British Virgin Islands were very expensive so we stocked up in Martinique where food is very reasonable. We were in the BVI for more than a month and only bought a bag of limes and some onions during our whole stay.

Money-Saving Tips: Provisioning For Sailing Around The World.
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In French Polynesia, the supply ship is the only way for the islanders to get provisions.

Where Should I Stock Up to Save Money Provisioning When Sailing Around The World?

In The Eastern Caribbean where all the islands are close together, you can easily save money by stocking up in cheaper islands and avoiding shopping on the more expensive islands. For more information on storing all of these provisions take a look at my post on food storage with limited refrigeration.

As a planning guide, the table below shows comparisons in price and availability of provisioning in different locations as you are sailing around the world.

How to save money when provisioning
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