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Monthly Subscription Includes:

  • Two sixty minutes coaching sessions via Zoom each month
  • Comprehensive Cruising Lifestyle Audit (1st Month)
  • Unlimited access to Become a Cruiser interactive webinars
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Signal support
  • Unlimited pre-buy boat screening advice
  • Catamaran centric cruising and boat buying advice
Cruiser Coaching, Let us help you make this your reality
Cruiser Coaching, Let us help you make this your reality

One on One Cruiser Coaching and Consulting

Taking the plunge to go cruising is a dramatic shift in lifestyle from land-based corporate rat race go, go. First off there is a myriad of decisions to be made each of which may have lasting implications on how successful you and your family are at becoming cruisers. Poor decisions years out from casting off to go cruising can have lasting implications for your future happiness as a cruiser.

Too Much Information to Digest

One of the biggest problems with entering the cruising lifestyle is the sheer amount of information to digest. Especially if you are new to boating and boat ownership. Further complicating matters is the quality of information that is available on the internet for future cruisers.

The vloggers push a perceived lifestyle that sells well and resonates with viewers who are more interested in a reality TV series than learning about the sailing and cruising lifestyle. We have witnessed so many famous vloggers enter a bay and stage cruising scenes. Between the made-up drama, exaggerated highs, and lows it’s impossible for any new cruiser to gain much worthwhile knowledge from watching these vlogs.

There is no doubt that the vlogs are fun to watch and watching these vlogs is a great way to stay motivated during the planning years. At the risk of generalizing there are a handful of vloggers who do try to include quality information, the problem for wanna-be cruisers is that it can be hard to sift through quality information and showmanship.

Facebook, Forums, and Blogs

That leaves Facebook cruising and sailing groups, Forums and old-school blogs such as this blog. The problem with getting Facebook or forum advice is that he who shouts loudest is often the deemed expert. Again sifting through the good and bad info can be a challenge.

There are tons of blogs with great accurate information the problem is that there are tons of blogs which amounts to a mountain of reading. So often you’ll find something useful to research further at a future date only to forget where you’d found the source in the first place. Blogs are great but they often require more effort and time than so many future cruisers just do not have the luxury of.

To further complicate matters I’ve started noticing that so many Facebook sailing and cruising group’s main participants are US East coast liveaboards or recreational owners. Unfortunately, there are huge swaths of information presented that work on the east coast but simply do not translate well into how to own, manage and sail a boat offshore or in challenging environments.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with my coaching services and don’t believe that you are receiving value for money, I am more than happy to refund your fee for the month.

What I Offer as a Cruiser Coach

  • My open honest opinion a cruiser coach without any agenda. Maybe cruising isn’t for you? Wouldn’t it be best to find out early before sacrificing years of planning, giving up on your career, and tearing through your savings?
  • Current accurate, advice and how-to information
  • Boat buying Do’s and Don’ts
  • Catamaran centric advice and information
  • International travel advice from a global nomad
  • Detailed information on advanced marine systems including Lithium battery systems
  • Budget planning and forecasting. Especially for the first year where cruisers make so many silly little mistakes massively blowing the budget as a result of slow adaption to cruising or poor decisions during the boat buying and planning stages.
  • Passage planning advice
  • Advice for sailing with kids and homeschooling
  • Change Management – Transitioning to becoming a cruiser
  • Sounding board
  • Trusted advisor and mentor who can help keep you motivated during the tough times when it just looks like the dream is never going to happen
  • Plus so much more. Your sessions are for you to choose how you would like to use them.


Cruiser Coaching, Let us help you make this your reality

1 review for Cruiser Coaching & Consulting

  1. Jill (verified owner)

    I have just renewed my monthly coaching subscription with Nic for the third month. I have found having open access to a cruiser to ask all my silly little questions and share my fears with her so valuable. We have done a bunch of Zoom calls but I mostly message via WhatsApp every time I have a question or something is concerning me. She is quick to answer in detail. I do like very much how her advice is not focussed to sailing on a shoe string. We plan on buying a 45ft Catamaran and her advice early in the negotiating stage with the factory has been spot on!

    • Nic

      Thanks for the Kind words, Jill. I have loved working with you and am green with envy for your new boat!!! I look forward to our next chat.

      Background info. Jill was my first coaching client. She was emailing me back and forth for weeks and she was the one who persuaded me to start offering coaching services to future cruisers. I’m so glad she did, I’ve been having a blast working with my coaching clients.

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