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Must-have Items in The Boat Galley 2020

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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Must Have Items in the Boat Galley, that I can’t live without. Photo Credit: Fountaine Pajot

I have a bunch of must-have items in my boat galley that I would not want to live without. These are some of the items that I use all the time. We have learned through trial and error which items we love and would buy again if they were to break. We brought some items from our kitchen at home when we first moved onto the boat. Unfortunately, they just didn’t work on the boat so we ended up giving them away. Below are my thoughts on the must-have items that we use regularly. Many of the items on the list were introduced to me by my cruising friends.

Must-have Items In My Boat Galley That I Love So Much I Would Buy Again!

Nutribullet – A Boat Galley Must-have Item

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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My Nutribullet is the only electrical item in my galley. I use this versatile blender most days. Photo Credit : Nutribullet

The only stand-alone electrical item in our galley is a Nutribullet. I use this versatile blender daily for just about everything from blending to making milkshakes, to making breadcrumbs. I love the fact that everything is in a closed unit so I can happily use it underway with no mess.

It has rubber feet that stick to the counter keeping it from moving around the galley. The size is important too, it is small enough that it doesn’t take up too much of my precious storage space. The Nutribullet comes with a recipe book, but there are tons more cool recipes available. My Nutiribullet is for sure one of the must-have items in my galley that I can’t live without.

Aeropress For a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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Aeropress for a perfect cup of coffee to start the day right.

If you are anything like me, the day hasn’t started properly if it doesn’t start with a good cup of coffee. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough space for a lovely coffee machine. But I do have an Aeropress, I absolutely recommend an Aeropress. It makes delicious coffee without bitterness. Once you’ve brewed a perfect cup of coffee the remaining coffee grinds are in a compact puck and easy to throw away with no mess. You don’t even have to touch the grinds you simply shoot them into the garbage can.

I would recommend that you stock up on some additional filters. If you drink coffee like us, I would suggest getting at least 500 of them. I have not been able to find them easily and have always needed to have replacements shipped to me.

SodaStream – Unlimited Club Soda on Your Boat

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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The easiest way to make club soda is using a Soda Stream. Photo Credit: Soda Stream

We drink a lot of club soda, the kids add juice concentrate to it so we don’t have to buy soda for them. And most important we use it for boat cocktails. Club soda is often very expensive, sometimes more expensive than beer. That is if you can find it, in some places it isn’t available at all. To make our own club soda, we bought a SodaStream and it changed our lives. Not only is it great value for money, but now we don’t have to haul club soda and pop to the boat when we provision. See my post on unlimited club soda on your boat for more information about refilling the CO2 canisters.

Pressure Cooker

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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Pressure Cooker saves you time in the Galley. Photo Credit: T-Fal

Another must-have item in my galley I can’t live without is my pressure cooker. I wasted at least two years of propane and time without a pressure cooker. When I finally got a pressure cooker I wondered what took me so long to get one. We use the pressure cooker surprisingly often, for beans, stews, curries, and pre-cooking spare ribs. Pretty much any meal that needs to slowly simmer is now cooked in the pressure cooker.

Pressure cooking beans take cooking time from 3 hours or more on down to around an hour with the pressure cooker and at a much lower heat setting. that means let propane use and a cooler boat.

Silicone Products Are a Boat Galley Must-have

I highly recommend silicone products for your boat galley. Eventually, my baking trays started rusting and were hard to clean. So I moved to silicone baking trays, what a difference, so easy to use and nonstick too. A huge improvement. My kids often use the cupcake baking cups to make icicles.

My collapsible food storage containers are fantastic, they fold up nice and small for storage and are safe to put either hot or cold items in. I also have two silicone mats, they protect my surfaces from heat and stop anything from moving when we are in rough conditions. Not a day goes by without using the silicone mats. The last of my recommended silicone items are ice trays with a convenient lid and ice balls. For more information on my iceballs see my post on how to keep your cocktails cold on a boat.

The Indispensable Culinary Torch, a Boat Must-have Item

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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A culinary torch is a must-have item for the whole boat. Photo Credit: EurKitchen

My culinary torch is one of the most useful items I have. Not only do we use the culinary torch for lighting the BBQ or cooktop. Surprisingly, we use it most often for melting heat shrink when we are doing electrical jobs, which happen far more regularly than I thought they would on a boat. We also use it to burn lines to stop the ends from fraying. A culinary torch is an item we can’t live without in the galley and on the boat in general.

Plastic Storage Containers

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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Airtight storage containers stack together saving you space. Photo Credit: LocknLock

I have a bunch of LocknLock plastic storage containers that I use to store my dry goods in. They have a strong airtight seal that can be removed for cleaning. The airtight seal is important for keeping weevils out of your food. I also recommend buying only one kind of storage container if possible, having one brand makes for better utilization of storage space as they are then all designed to fit together.

Something else that I use all the time is my plastic egg container. Often when you buy eggs they come in an open tray, or in a cardboard container, neither of which you want on your boat. In order to keep non-refrigerated eggs longer, you need to flip them daily, this is easy with a good plastic egg container. For more information see my post on food storage with limited refrigeration.

Lime Squeezer

A barman friend of mine introduced me to a lime squeezer, I don’t know how I never had one before. I use my lime squeezer pretty much every time I use limes which is often. It gets almost all of the lime juice out of the limes with no effort. The lime squeezer is surprisingly one of the most used must-have items in my boat galley.

Cheesecloth Bags

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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Re-useable cheesecloth bag gets well used in our galley. Photo Credit: Ellie’s Best

We often make cheese onboard and use reusable cheesecloth bags. Not only do we use the cheesecloth bags when we make cheese, but my husband also uses them when he makes ginger beer. These bags can be washed and used over and over again. Much easier than using actual cheesecloth which can be difficult to find in most places.

Bag Sealing Clips

You can’t have enough bag sealing clips. As far as I’m concerned these are the best brand. They seal the bag tightly and last for ages. I have tried other brands and none of them have lasted as well or for as long. I recommend you buy twice as many as you think you will need.

Stainless Steel Clothespins

Must-Have Items in The Boat Galley 2020
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Stainless Steel clothes pins are strong and last forever.

These stainless steel clothespins are a must. Plastic clothespins become brittle and break over time. Not only is this a waste of money but the plastic ends up in the ocean. Wooden clothespins end up rusting and leaving rust stains on your clothes. I bought these clothespins about three years ago and they are still in perfect condition.

Must Have Items in the Boat Galley
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3 thoughts on “Must-have Items in The Boat Galley 2020”

    1. Hi Stephen,

      We are on a Lagoon 380 which has a fairly tiny galley. Which took a bit of getting used to after coming from a massive custom-built kitchen at home. After four years on the boat, I’d love one more foot of workspace but it’s really not the end of the world. My husband initially trained as a chef and likes to cook well and we still manage to turnout restaurant-quality meals from the galley so the size isn’t an issue. Most other catamarans have slightly bigger galleys. Whatever you end up with you will make it work.

      As far as Galley up vs galley down goes. I cannot urge you enough to avoid galley down layouts. Don’t discount the social aspect of having the galley in the saloon. You are still part of the conversation when cooking, galley down is like a monohull galley only worse as in monohull galleys there is space for someone to stay with you to chat while you cook, they can sit on a couch or at the table. Catamaran galley-down models do not give the visitor this comfort most likely they need to stand to talk to you and invariably are constantly in the way.

      The second most important factor with galley up models is that when cooking in rough seas you can still see the horizon while you are working and cooking. In galley down models, you once again are faced with the same issues of a monohull. You will not see the horizon and there is the very real possibility of becoming seasick.

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