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Lagoon 380 Review

Lagoon 380 Review After 5 Years and 20,000nm

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Lagoon 380 Review

We love our Lagoon 380! If only a review could be that simple. Then this could have been the quickest, easiest, most biased Lagoon 380 review ever. But I’m sure you’re looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Back when we were planning to go cruising, we looked long and hard at catamarans. It almost became an obsession. I remember at one point one of our kids looking across the dinner table after a heated 4-way discussion on the pros and cons of some or other catamaran and saying all we ever talk about is boats. Boat research had even become my then 12-year-old son’s hobby.

Like all future cruisers, we visited every single boat show we could. We went on boats. Made friends with a few catamaran owners, who kindly showed us the pros and cons of their various boats. Take a look at our Ultimate Cruising Boat Evaluation Checklist to make sure you think of everything.

Short List of Boats For Sale

Two years out we narrowed our choice down to the Lagoon 450. Going from a 3,000 sq ft house, the size seemed to make sense. Unfortunately or possibly, fortunately, the local economy turned, and the real estate market ended up in the toilet. Being on the sell everything plan to fund our cruising life, we needed to rationalize and realistically relook at which catamaran models we could afford.

Back to the drawing board. Well kinda. Ever since watching the Honeymoon series of Youtube videos, I wanted a Lagoon 380. The size just seemed perfect. It looked almost, cozy. The rest of the family agreed, but one person’s opinion wasn’t going to cut it for them.

Short List of 40ft Catamarans

The research and boat show visits resumed. We looked at the Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41, Lagoon 400 and 410, Leopard 38, 39, and 40 (pre-2014 version) as well as the revised all-new 40. We got close to committing to a new Leopard 40, but for the added extras, just couldn’t justify the price difference.

We also looked at the Nautitech 44, we were boat shopping in 2015. As well as the Fontaine Pajot Lavezzi. Both were quickly ruled out. The Nautitech just felt cheap, and the layout, particularly the cockpit, was not very inviting.

The Lavezzi was a nice boat, but at the time Lavezzi’s were suffering from blistering. The Osmosis problem seemed too much of an issue for us to want to touch the boat and we ruled it out very quickly.

Fontaine Pajot did repair boats under warranty in some cases after a fight. But the issue is, which cruiser can take three to six months out of their cruising schedule to live in a boatyard while the hulls are peeled and left to dry out for a month or more?

Lagoon 380 Review
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Lagoon 380 vs. Leopard 40

We looked long and hard at the Leopard 40 (2008- 2014 model), it’s a very capable bluewater cruiser. The boat has a fantastic reputation, and as a result, the prices were considerably more than one could pay for a Lagoon 380 in similar shape. The final deciding factor of 380 vs Leopard 40 is the size.

The Lagoon 380 is a much bigger boat than the Leopard 40. The Leopard 40 is 1.2 ft longer than the 380, but it is also almost 2 feet narrower than the Lagoon 380. That 2 feet in beam makes a huge difference in space over 38ft. 76 sq ft more space overall. Have a look at our post on Buying A Cruising Catamaran

Lagoon 380 Vs. Lagoon 400

The Lagoon 400 is a nice boat with a great layout, but again the price difference made the boat unattractive for us. At the time there were very few used Lagoon 400s on the market, and we couldn’t justify the extra expense of going for a new boat. New Lagoon 400 price back then was over twice as much as one could purchase a 6 – 7-year-old Lagoon 380 for. All for slightly less wear, and a warranty which is well known to be questionable at best.

Lagoon 380 Review
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Going Catamaran Shopping

Finally, we had narrowed down the shopping list to Lagoon 380. We started searching high and low for the perfect boat and eventually found a Lagoon 380 that ticked all the boxes in Martinique.

We booked air tickets, and a week later, we stepped aboard what was to become our liveaboard home. It was hurricane season so, the boat was tied to the dock with all canvas, including the bimini, removed, which made it look a little bare.

While the broker fumbled with keys to the salon door, we took a walk around the deck. Once the door was opened, we went into the hulls. One of us turned left, the other turned right, and had a look at the hulls, which were identical, as this was a four-cabin boat. We very much wanted a four-cabin version. After a few minutes, we both met in the salon looked at each other, and at the same time said “this is our boat!”

We put in an attractive offer, and three hours later, after two rounds of renegotiation, we had a signed purchase contract in hand.

The rest of the sale process was fairly straightforward, although a word of warning to anyone boat shopping in Martinique. Looking back, our broker should have worn a mask during the negotiations. What a bandit!

The selling brokerage outright lied about new rigging having been installed six months before us buying the boat. Lied about fixing a few defects. Had his maintenance guys cut engine wires to silence an alternator “no charge” alarm that was identified in the survey? Plus a whole host of other issues. Have a look at Is Buying An EX-Charter Catamaran A Good Idea?

Lagoon 380 Review
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Hi, I’m Nic! Our Family of four have been out cruising since 2016. We have sailed about 15,000nm, almost halfway around the world. We sold everything, took the leap of faith, and bought a 10-year-old Lagoon 380 ex-charter catamaran. We’ve fixed every system on the boat, often more than once. Cruising has been such a wonderful, positive experience for our family that I want to share my tips to help you Become a Cruiser.

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4 thoughts on “Lagoon 380 Review After 5 Years and 20,000nm”

  1. Hi guys. Glad to hear you have enjoyed your L380 as we have ours. We are on year 12 with ours and have sailed the west coast of North America from Alaska to Mexico. The boat is currently in the Sea of Cortez while we wait out Covid back in Canada. We wish you many more years of happy sailing on your Lagoon 380. Barb and Derick SV Stray Cat2 L380 #24

  2. I love the Corian countertop and Induction stove top. Could you supply me ordering and price information? We are hoping to do something similar in the next few months on our 380.

    1. We just walked into a kitchen cupboard place in Panama with detailed dimensions and chose the Corian we wanted. They then cut it to size. I know that a lot of kitchen counter installers will come to your boat to measure.

      The induction stove is a Kenyon which is also sold as ENO’s induction stovetop. I will be doing a write-up on the Kenyon stovetop. I would highly suggest you avoid a dedicated marine brand as in the end there is nothing about this stovetop that makes it marine and we could have done far better with a regular commercial unit from someone like Bosch or Siemens. The Kenyon was $1000 and you can get a good home unit for less than half of that, the countertop was around $400.

      We used the standard sinks and mounted them under the countertop. This required a little material to be taken out of the little cupboard where the tray sits to fit the sink in. We attached the sinks with 5200. We love that washing up water no longer lies on the back of the countertop.

      All in all the entire job took an afternoon to complete. Good luck with your changes.

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