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How To Unblock a Toilet On a Boat

How to Unblock a Blocked Macerator or Plunger Pump

Disgusting Scale: 7-9
Difficulty Scale: 2-6 Beer Reward.

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Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:


Only if any o’rings or seals require replacement

Required Tools:

– Wrenches to disassemble macerator or plunger pump
– Automotive Pick Set

Things Needed?

– Good quality latex gloves
– Clean up rags and disinfectant


Depending on your setup you may need to close your sanitary system seacock first. Carefully undo the fastener on your macerator. Have a clear escape path available. Make sure no spectators are blocking your exit.

Before sticking your fingers into any holes identify the macerator blades and make sure to avoid them as they are really sharp and will cut through your gloves and into your fingers.

Step 1

Disassemble macerator or pump to reach blockage

Step 2

Using a set of automotive picks methodically remove and discard the blockage bit by bit. Don’t be tempted to throw it in the bowl and try flushing it again. Chances are high that a large part of the reason for a marine macerator to block is that cotton, hair, or something like dental floss has wound its way around the macerator shaft. Place the clog in a watertight garbage bag and dispose of it appropriately.

Step 3

Once you have the blockage cleared. Reassemble the system, making sure to replace any damaged o’rings and you are back in business. Open seacocks, test, and leak check the system. Summon the person who caused the blockage for cleanup!

A good set of automotive picks comes in really handy on a boat. Especially for cleaning out blockages in a macerator. Not only will you keep your fingers safe but you’ll have a much better grip on whatever is blocking the system by using a pick.

Unblocking the Discharge on a Jabsco Electric Head

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How to unblock a toilet on a boat - blog header
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