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How to Keep Boat Cocktails Cold

Beers at the Beach. This is not a great way to keep boat cocktails cold. Better drink up fast!
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Not much beats an icy cold beer.

It is important to know how to keep boat cocktails cold. Having an icy cold sundowner is my favorite time of the day. It is the one time of the day we get quiet, alone adult time. There are some things that we have bought over the years that I wish I had known about before I left the US. And the world of online shopping, and easy shipping, not to mention the choice. Living in wonderful warm climates keeping your drinks cold for as long as possible is very important. I have tried several different products and these are my recommendations. After all, they say boat life is all Mai Tai’s and Margaritas.

How I Keep Boat Cocktails Cold

Ice Balls

Ice balls are great to keep your cocktail cold. Photo Credit: Tovolo
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Ice balls are great to keep your cocktail cold. Photo Credit: Tovolo

When living on a boat ice not as easy as heading to the corner store and grabbing a bag. Sure in some places this is an option but normally it isn’t. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough space to store an icemaker. Some friends of ours introduced us to these amazing ice balls. These are a fantastic way to keep boat cocktails cold.

We have six of them in the freezer and every morning if we remember we save the ice balls in a ziplock and make more. They last for ages, if I put one in my Yeti 30oz cup I can get at least two full drinks out of one ice ball. I have even seen partial ice balls in my Yeti cup the following morning.

Insulated Drinkware – Keep Boat Cocktails Cold for Longer

Before I give you my next recommendations I want you to know that I am in no way affiliated with Yeti and don’t get anything for touting their wares. In my opinion, Yeti is very expensive, but I have found that it is of superior quality. I really wish someone had told me how great the stuff is when I was still planning to go cruising and had a regular paycheck.

I love a nice cold glass of white wine. The problem with being a wine drinker is that by your third sip your wine is no longer deliciously cold. Using my Yeti wine glass my wine is cool to the last sip. After having such success with the wine tumblers we invested in a selection of Yeti products. They are expensive but we have no regrets as they are all fantastic. We have bought the Yeti tumbler, the Yeti 30oz cup, Yeti can Colster and, the Yeti water bottle.

I have another expensive brand name insulated water bottle. I left both my water bottles lying in the dinghy in full sunshine for a morning. The water in my Yeti bottle was still icy, and the water in my other bottle was just cool.

The fact that the Yeti glasses float is great too. On occasion we have accidentally dropped them overboard in a deep anchorage, they were easy to retrieve with no diving required. Because I am a girl I love the fact that you have a range of colors to choose from.

Large Cooler to Keep Everything Cold

If you don’t have the luxury of a large Fridge on your boat I highly recommend making the investment in a Yeti Tundra Cooler. We have the Tundra 35 and it is fantastic. It fits perfectly under our outside table, and in our dinghy. If you do buy a Yeti Tundra Cooler this will be the last cooler you will ever need to buy.

How to Keep Boat Cocktails Cold
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Rubbermaid Cooler with 12 cold beers in it at the rock pools.

Small Cooler to Keep Your Cocktails Cold When Visiting Friends For a Sundowner

We have been through many coolers over the years. Fabric coolers eventually get mold on them, no matter how careful you are with them. If the cooler has a zipper eventually the zipper rusts or breaks unless you find a cooler with a plastic zipper. For us the best small cooler we have found is this Rubbermaid Cooler, it is very affordable, carries 12 beer cans, and keeps them icy cold for as long as it takes to drink them. It is easy to clean and doesn’t take up much storage space.

Beers at the Beach
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Hi, I’m Nic! Our Family of four have been out cruising since 2016. We have sailed about 15,000nm, almost halfway around the world. We sold everything, took the leap of faith, and bought a 10-year-old Lagoon 380 ex-charter catamaran. We’ve fixed every system on the boat, often more than once. Cruising has been such a wonderful, positive experience for our family that I want to share my tips to help you Become a Cruiser.

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  1. dennis Carpenter

    I agree with you about Yeti. Great product but extremely. I have found some of the knockoffs to pretty good at less price. Namely Bayou classic. As for smaller cooler. I have a 13 qt. Engle that is perfect

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Interesting, Bayou Classic is a brand I’ve never heard of, I tried to google them and didn’t see any coolers on their website. I have heard good things about the Engel brand.
      Thanks for the Feedback,

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