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Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Cruiser Teens

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Cruiser Teens

Cruiser kids aren’t as easy to buy gifts for as land kids are. When you live on a boat you have limited space. Cruiser kids also have a different lifestyle and interests to land kids. They aren’t interested in and probably don’t even know about the “must-have” holiday gift this year. I sat down and talked to my kids and their friends. Here are their top 10-holiday gift ideas for cruiser teens.

Gift Idea # 1 Underwater Camera

An underwater camera is an great gift idea for a cruiser teen. This Fuji camera takes great photos underwater and on land.

We have had one of these for 3 years, and it’s still going strong. Remember, give your camera a freshwater rinse after taking it into the ocean to keep it in good working order. If you buy a camera, you may want to get a bigger SD Card to go with it.

Gift Idea #2 Pole Spear

A pole spear is a great gift idea for a cruiser teen. Cruiser kids go snorkeling most days. By the time they are a teen, they dive really deep and hold their breath for ages. They are really fast and are interested in learning to start catching fish while they are snorkeling.

Kids feel fantastic when they bring home dinner. When buying a pole spear, make sure you buy one that is 6′ long, or longer. Our son started with a pole spear and moved onto a speargun. Spearfishing is his favorite past time.

Gift Idea # 3 Sailing Gloves

When cruiser kids start getting older, they help out more and more with the sailing of the boat. A great holiday gift idea for a cruiser teen is some sailing gloves to protect their hands.

Lifting the dinghy onto the davits at night is one of my kids’ chores. They use their sailing gloves every night when they lift the dingy.

Gift Idea #4 Hanging Chair Hammock

I bought one of these hanging chair hammocks for myself. Unfortunately, I never get to use it. It is so comfortable that my kids and their friends are always in it.

There is an ongoing argument when I tell them to move out because I need some Hammock time. The solution is to get them their own swingy chairs.

Gift Idea # 5 Jewelry Making Kit

My daughter and her friends love making jewelry. The girls spend hours on end coming up with creations. They spend afternoons roaming the beaches looking for special shells and pieces of coral they can add to their jewelry. Everything is neatly stored in one box. Easy is to clean up and put away. Buy now on Amazon

Gift Idea #6 World Encyclopedia of Marine Fishes & Sea Creatures

The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Marine Fishes & Sea Creatures is a cruiser teen must-have. Normally we try to avoid bringing paper books onto the boat, especially big heavy ones. This book is full of interesting information and is very well used on our boat so we are pleased we have a paper copy.

Gift Idea #7 Kindle

A Kindle is a great gift idea not just for cruiser teens, but for cruisers in general. We don’t have a lot of space living on a sailboat. We try to avoid having paper books on the boat as much as possible.

Not only is a Kindle small and easy to store, but you can download a new book whenever you have internet available. I suggest getting the Kindle Paperwhite it is easy to read in daylight and is backlit for reading at night. The new Kindle Paperwhite is now waterproof too.

Gift Idea # 8 Wireless In-Ear Earbud Headsets

My cruiser teens spend a lot of time listening to music. A pair of Skull Candy Wireless In-Ear Earbud headsets is a great choice for a gift. Best of all, now we don’t all have to listen to their music all of the time. And can play our music over the main boat stereo while they listen with their own collection with their earbuds.

According to my kids, Skull Candy is the brand. In-ear headphones are better than over-ear headphones. After a bit of time on the boat, the ear protection on most over-ear headsets disintegrates. But these ones keep looking great.

Gift Idea #9 Wireless Speaker

Another great gift idea for a cruiser teen is a waterproof, wireless speaker. These are fantastic for beach BBQs, putting on your paddle-board when you head out for a nice long paddle.

Gift Idea # 10 Tube

For hours of afternoon fun, a tube is a cruiser teen must-have gift idea. Not only is this a gift for one cruiser teen but the whole anchorage.

The great thing about a tube is once the kids are done playing with it, it folds up nice and small for storage.

I hope these Holiday Gift Ideas for cruiser teens are helpful. For some Holiday Gift Ideas for Sailors, you can take a look at our post. If you liked this post, please like it and share it with your friends. Happy Holidays.

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Cruiser Teens
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