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Get a FREE Wordpress Blog

Get a Free WordPress Blog

I get so many emails from cruisers who would like to start a WordPress Blog (the software is free to use and light years ahead of free ‘hosted sailing type blog plans’) but have no idea where to start.

The whole idea of configuring WordPress, installing and setting up themes and Plug-ins seems like a bit of a challenge to get your site up and going on the right foot.

I decided why not create a blank ready to use WordPress blog site that I can quickly install on someone’s server for free? I have the tools. I use them for and the WordPress development work I do on the side. I bought an agency package from Astra, for over $500 to build my sites on. This package allows me to build and run the software on multiple unlimited websites. So I thought, why not take the stress away and set up a ready to go site I can just give away to my followers.

Includes Free Astra Premium Theme and Plugins

I’ll set you up on WordPress with the Astra Theme – the styling layer that sits on top of WordPress itself. This gives you a much nicer, more professional-looking blog than the free theme that comes with WordPress. I’ll add the essential plugins (you don’t want too many each one slows your site down a bit) plus a couple of nice to have ones, such as a social sharing module.

The only fee is your hosting charges for +/- $3.95 a month with BlueHost. There are no additional costs now or in the future to run the blog site. Unless you grow your blog and need to splash out for some plugins which help with heavy traffic sites, which most personal sailing blogs don’t need. And if you do need them, they aren’t that expensive.

What All You Get

  • Fully Configured WordPress Website
  • Astra Pro Premium Theme
  • Astra Expansion Plug-ins – Part of my Atra Pro Agency Package
  • Ultimate Add-Ons for Gutenberg – Visual text and image editor
  • SocialSnap – Enable Social Sharing of your blog
  • WordFence – Ultimate in WordPress security
  • BlackHole for Bad Bots – Trap bad robots scanning your site
  • No initial or annual fees (other than your website hosting $3.95/ month see below)

I Reserve the Right to Withdraw This Offer

This is a bit of a limited-time offer which I may withdraw depending upon how much work it becomes. But it feels like the right thing to do to get new sailing bloggers set up on the right path to starting their blogs or even their own eCommerce store down the road.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog this is a great opportunity to get up and running for a fraction of the normally required time investment.

What You Need to Do

All you need to do is sign up for your free WordPress blog on the form below. I’ll send you some quick instructions on the next steps and the information required to set up your site.

I’ll send you step-by-step instructions on how to get a domain name and sign up for a hosting plan, which will take you less than five minutes to do.

All that I will ask you to do to get this exclusive offer is sign up for your web hosting (the company whose servers store and serve your website to the world) with Bluehost ($3.95/pm) (which I highly recommend for any new blogger) using my affiliate link. I know the BlueHosting control panel well, and this saves me time and helps me set up your site quickly. Also, when you use my link I’ll receive a small commission.

Another good option for a new WordPress blogger is GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks offers good performance, and for the environmentally conscious, they claim to be the most eco-conscious of all hosts. GreenGeeks is another host that I have experience using. Currently, GreenGeeks are running a special monthly price of $2.95 (normally $10.95) when you use my affiliate link. Unfortunately, with Green Geeks, there is no free domain name. 

Sorry, this offer is limited to hosting on BlueHost and GreenGeeks as I Just don’t have the time to figure out each host’s control panel.


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