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Comment Policy

We welcome you to join our community. Commenting on or articles allows us to interact with our audience, answer questions, and/or receive feedback on the quality of our posts.

We have one overriding requirement: Be Nice. While we welcome ideas from readers from various backgrounds with varying opinions. We ask that these opinions be expressed with respect for one another and if the situation requires to exercise a little (or a lot of) tact and grace.

It is our desire that ‘Become a Cruiser’ ( and associated social media channels be a place where prospective cruisers can learn. By reading our articles, sharing ideas, and questions, thoughts. To receive encouragement and motivation to one day become a cruiser. To foster this community spirit we will not tolerate any comments that include:

  • Hate speech
  • Racism
  • Obscenities
  • Threats to other users
  • Violations of any copyright, trademark, etc.
  • Promotion of any illegal activity

Comments deemed to be spam or of a solely promotional in nature will be deleted. And any associated links removed. You may post a link to support your comment but this must support the post topic.

Our moderating team reserve the right to remove any comment without any explanation or notification.

If you have any comments or questions on our comments policy or any other ‘become a cruiser’ policy please feel free to contact us.

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