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Learn How To Start a WordPress Blog

Learn How to Start a WordPress Blog

WordPress is by far the best blogging platform available powering over 35% of all websites on the net today. When you start a WordPress blog you will be joining a community of bloggers who post a staggering 4.4 million blog posts a day. So it goes without saying that you want to configure your WordPress blog correctly to get you off on the right foot to make sure your posts are not lost in a sea of almost five million other daily blog posts. It makes sense to learn how to start a WordPress blog

Learn How To Start a WordPress Blog
Essentials for sailing bloggers

Essentials For Bloggers 2021

Starting a new blog can be intimidating. The learning curve is steep. There are a myriad of decisions to make to configure your site.

Don’t worry we have made it easy and taken the leg work away from you with this page of resources for sailing bloggers. Saving you hundreds of hours testing web hosting plans and plugins which may crash your site.

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