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best holiday gifts for sailors

Best Holiday Gifts for Sailors 2020

Five Gift Ideas For Sailors

If you don’t know what to buy the future cruisers and sailors in your family. We’ve put a quick five-item list of gifts for sailors together. These are the things we use all the time and don’t believe any cruiser would want to be without.

The Only Headlamp For Cruising – Mantus Marine

I recently went through our small electronics storage box and threw away a couple of handfuls of old headlamps that just don’t work or didn’t last on a cruising boat. Why we’ve kept old dead electronics for so long is another question entirely.

The dozen or so dead headlamps ranged from expensive Diamond headlamps to Energizer to Cheap ten-dollar lamps. All just as useless as the other.

The Manutus Waterproof Headlamp isn’t the cheapest headlamp out there. It’s high quality and so far have lasted us almost three years, and still going strong. We were only getting a few months out of the other headlamps in the marine environment. I hate buying things twice but thanks to the high quality of the Mantus Headlamp it has been money well spent.

The headlamps are waterproof. Seriously bright. And very importantly don’t start off in a night vision destroying bright light or flashing strobe but rather intelligently cycle from red to dim white, to white, to ultra-bright white, then finally strobe. These headlamps charge in about an hour via a waterproof sealed USB port. The final feature that makes the light so good is the strap actually works. There is nothing as annoying as working on the foredeck looking up at the sails with a headlamp and it falls off of your head. Thankfully the Mantus Headlamp stays put no matter the wind or how much you tilt or move your head.

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for a sailor you can pick up a Mantus Waterproof Headlamp from Amazon.

Essential Safety Equipment for Any Sailor – Ocean Signal RescueMe Mob 1 – Personal AIS/ DSC Beacon

One of any sailor’s biggest fears is falling overboard and not being seen! With the Ocean Signal RescueME Mob1 AIS/ DSC personal locator beacon, if you do go over your crew will know about it immediately!

When shopping for a ‘Man Over Board’ personal beacon. The important thing to remember that your crew and the boats around you are your closest rescuers.

When you hit the water. The MOB1 will immediately start transmitting an emergency DSC call to the VHF radios on all surrounding ships. This alarm and message will alert boaters in the area that someone is in the water and urgently requires assistance. At the same time, the MOB1 will transmit your exact GPS position and drop a ‘Man over Board’ marker on the chart plotter of all AIS equipped boats within a 5-mile range.

We each carry an Ocean Signal RescueME MOB1 when on watch. The unit is small enough to fit inside of an inflatable life jacket. And will automatically start transmitting once the life jacket inflates.

We are on a catamaran and don’t always wear lifejackets when the weather is good and the seas are calm. But do insist that anyone who leaves the cockpit or is on watch wears one of these MOBs on a lanyard around their necks.

Prior to purchasing the Ocean Signal RescuMe MOB1, we looked at the competing models and the MOB1 was the only PLB that was small enough and comfortable enough to wear all the time and had the ability to wear without a life jacket. If you’re looking for a gift that brings peace of mind this Christmas you can get the MOB1 from Amazon.

Boating Essential – Nigel Calders Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual

I highly recommend that at least one person on board any cruising boat needs to have studied Nigel Calder’s Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual from cover to cover.

Forget Google and YouTube for troubleshooting and repair advice when you are out of signal offshore and in remote bays.

Nigel Calder’s Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual gives in-depth advice on how to repair just about every single piece of equipment you have onboard your boat. The instructions are clear and written for the not so technically inclined. I’m often amazed when going to look for technical help on a piece of equipment that the equipment being described is the exact model I’m holding in my hands.

A hardcover copy of Nigel Calder’s Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual makes the perfect Holiday gift for a future cruiser.

Start Planning to Sail Around the World With In-depth Route Planning Advice

Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes is the encyclopedia of route planning for any offshore sailor. Now in its 8th edition, Reprinted in 2019.

Get geographical route coordinates, when to go advice. Weather planning, everything you need to start planning any offshore passage from 50 to 5000miles. Available from Amazon.

Until You Go Sailing, You Won’t Realise How Often You Carry Your Hand-Held Radio

We carry our VHF handheld radios with us everywhere we go. Forget cell phones for local communications once you leave your home port. A portable VHF radio becomes your go-to communications device with your shore crew.

Icom is our go-to brand for handheld radios. The others are not designed for everyday use.

They simply cannot stand the abuse of being stuffed into a dry bag and being banged around all day. Our advice is to buy the two or three cheapest high-quality ICOM floating handheld radios you can get. that way you can always stay in touch with each other. The ICOM M25 Floating Handheld Radio fits the bill perfectly.

best holiday gifts for sailors
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