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Do you dream of living on a boat? Do you dream of becoming a cruiser sailing the world? The problem is you don’t know how to sail, and you know almost nothing about boats. Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere.

We are cruisers who write articles covering boat buying, financial planning, cruising gear reviews, onboard entertainment, sailing across borders, sailing with kids, and much more.

I want to help you reach your dream to become a cruiser. So that when the time comes for you to sail around the world, you can cast off with confidence.

Become a Cruiser is written in a blog format, with new articles being published all the time.

Nic a Little bit about me
Become a Cruiser and sail yourself to the remotest corners of the world.

A Little Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Nic! My husband, two kids, and I have been out cruising the world since 2016. We have sailed about 15,000nm, almost halfway around the world.

I grew up with boats and boating and am thrilled to be living on the ocean permanently.

We sold everything, took the leap of faith, and bought a 10-year-old Lagoon 380 ex-charter catamaran. We’ve fixed every system on the boat, sometimes more than once.

Cruising has been such a wonderful, positive experience for our whole family. I would love to help you Become A Cruiser by writing helpful articles to help you prepare to go cruising.

If there something I haven’t covered yet, and you would like to read about it. Drop me a note, or post a comment on the Become A Cruiser Facebook page. I would love your feedback.

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A Resource For Future Cruisers

‘Become a Cruiser’ came about after I sensed the frustration future cruisers face when asking questions in Facebook Groups, and forums. We saw most people were asking the same questions about how to start cruising. And how to stay motivated during the planning and saving years. But didn’t really know where to ask real cruisers these questions.

I noticed that the advice that is being dolled out in many Facebook groups and online forums where future cruisers are going for information is mostly from armchair sailors with no real cruising experience. Or sailors who had gone no further than a hundred miles down the Caribbean. To make matters worse there is the crowd (normally armchair sailors) that shout out that you can only go cruising with a sextant, on a full keeled boat while shitting in a bucket. The tone of this advice is often harsh and unhelpful. And for a large part just plain inaccurate or severely out of date.

I decided to do something about this and want to try to help future cruisers plan and prepare to go cruising. Trying our best to give real-life examples of what works and what doesn’t.

The contributors to Become a Cruiser are active cruisers. Not liveaboards permanently tied to a marina dock. Or people who did a circumnavigation twenty years ago (Not that that’s not awesome, the world has just changed a lot since then). All of us are out there doing it right now so the information you will read is current.

The advice that is being dolled out in many Facebook groups and online forums where future cruisers are going for information is mostly from armchair sailors with no real cruising experience.

A picture perfect post card beach photo. About Us: we are out here living this right now
Start working on your plan to of how become a cruiser today.

Become a Cruiser Recent Posts

Take a look at our most recent posts that are designed to help you go cruising with confidence

My Goal with ‘Become a Cruiser’ is to Inform and Educate

My goal with ‘Become a Cruiser’ is to inform and educate. I want to give you the knowledge to make informed decisions before casting off. So that when the time comes to bid land life goodbye you are prepared. And that you are relaxed, educated, and ready to go. I will not give you lessons on how to sail. But may throw in the odd super-helpful piece of information we wished we had known at the start of our cruising adventure.

We aim to build an interactive community and value hearing from our followers. Shoot us a message and we’ll try to answer your questions in a future article.

Become a Cruiser and see the world on your own boat. Sail Around the World !
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